Electro Mechanical Solutions

Electro Mechanical Solutions

TransTech Trading is one of the new and most aggressive company in United Arab Emirates which provides electro mechanical solutions to customers engaged in industrial, commercial & residential buildings, government and Oil & Gas Sector. We partnered with the most famous factories and suppliers from all over the world to give our customers the highest quality possible products, systems and solutions. As electro mechanical material suppliers, TransTech Trading provides a wide range of products including electric wires, electric cables, wiring devices, pvc conduits, lighting solutions and all plumbing pipes and fittings as well as accessories.

Cable Trays & Trunking

Ducting System

Electrical Cable

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

Soft Starter

PPR Piping System

HDPE Piping System

PVC Piping System

Pacdrive Controller

Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)


Circuit Breaker

Power Meter


Uninterruptible Power Supple (UPS)

Medium Voltage Switchgear (MVSG)

Lighting Solutions

Pipe Support Clamp System

Other MEPF Solutions

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